Scheda PSV Gargano

Call SignVSMW5
Port of RegistryLONDON
Official N.905227
MO N.9249403
Year of Building2002
ClassificationDNV +1A1 — SF, EO, Dynpos AUTR.
Place of Build.BRATTVAAG — NORWAY.
ShipbuildersBRATTVAAG VERFT — HULL 82.
Tonnage/DW/a2.186 GT — 958 NT / 3.200 T (maximum) / 1.647 T (Lightship).
L/B/D/T72,00 m (overall) / 16,00 m (moulded) / 7,00 m (moulded) / 5,90 m (midship).
Main EnginesN. 2 Diesel BERGEN KRMB9 (4 S) - 2.725 BHP (2.005 kW) - 825 RPM each.
AuxiliariesN. 2 Shaft Generators Stamford type MCH734H2 - 1.690 kVA each
N. 2 Diesel/Altern. Cummins NT855G5/Stamford MHC434E - 310 kVA each
N 1 Emergency Diesel/Altern. Cummins 4BT39G/Stamford UCM224F.
Speed / Range14,14 kn. / 13.500 miles.
Navigation Aids1x 3CM RADAR 1x 10CM ARPA RADAR 1x Satellite Navigator
2x wind indicator 1x Doppler speed log 1x echo sounder
1x EPIRB 1x DSC terminal 1x MF/HF SSB Radio
3x VHF GMDSS 2x 9GHz Radar transp. 4x portable UHF
1x SAT B 2xSAT C 1x Navtex receiver
3x gyro compass 1x digital autopilot 1x GSM Cellular ph.
2x Compact VHF 2x DSC terminal VHF 1x simplex VHF
1x univ. signal unit
DP SystemKongsberg Simrad SDP21 with 2xDPC11 controller units.
Reference Syst. 1xHi PAP -- 1xDGPS -- 1xMk12.300 Light Weight Taut Wire Interfaces fitted for. 410/LBL SPT331 --- Fan Beam Laser RPT316RT.
Survey room on Main deck fully fitted 19" racks, 220V power --- Telemetry and Video cables to from bridge --- Main Deck Power supplies 2 x 440V --Main Deck aft reinforced to take 150 tonne "A" Frame --- Moon Pool on CL of vessel 4.35 x 3.8 m Passively stabilised --- Survey tube to port of Moon pool 0.5 mtrs clear hole, C/W --- survey pole which protrudes at up to 4.0 mtrs below the hull --- Spare 14" gate valve fitted, Port side of shell opposite HiPAP ready for fitting with a second Gantry and pole system.
Manoeuvring & Deck MachineryIndependently operated Main engine, bow and stern thruster and steering gear controls. --- N. 1 Ulstein Joystick --- N.1 Bow Tunnel Thruster Ulstein 800 BHP --- N.1 Bow Azimuth Thruster Ulstein 1000 BHP --- N.2 Stern Tunnel Thruster Ulstein 800 BHP --- N. 1 Hydraulic Crane of 5/3 T at 10/16 m.
Cargo CapacityDeck area 640 M2 Deck load 1500 T Oil b. mud .773 M3 / 4861 Bls
Fuel oil 920 M3 Dry bulk 280 M3 Base oil 210 M3 / 1323 Bls
Fresh w. 802 M3 Drill w. 1153 M3 Brine 773 M3 / 4861 Bls
Accommodations39 persons: 10 crew in single cabs; 4 Reps in single cabs; 24 in 2 man cabs; 1 in hospital. All ship is fully air conditioned and centrally heated
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