The Fleet

RN group's fleet consists of 19 tugs, all characterized by excellent handling and flexibility of use both in the port operations and for open sea operations and all with maximum RINA class; this is flanked by the fleet for offshore support of the subsidiary Portosalvo Ltd subsidiary. In particular, the company is in the final steps to complete its fleet renewal program to replace the traditional single screw tugs with more modern and performing azimuth stern drive (ASD) tugs to be used in the ports of Bari, Gaeta, Naples and Taranto. Presently the fleet includes 14 modern ASD tugs with power ranging between 3,750 and 5,500 BHP, many of them with notation FFQ1 and RECOIL.

The fleet of Portosalvo Ltd consists of 3 modern Norwegian built PSV DP2: the UT755L "GARGANO " (Aker Brattvaag 2002), the UT755L-FiFi1 "PORTOSALVO" (Simek 2005) and the Large Platform Supply Vessel STX09CD "ENEA "(Soviknes 2010).